Mapping Prehistory

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Danger Deep Excavations

The Mapping Prehistory Database is an ambitious new initiative designed specifically for archaeologists working in and around the Sahel. This tool is an interactive, map-based database of archaeological research from classic sites to newly explored territory.

Simply put, the MPD will provide researchers with the ability to search for sites based on attributes such as “iron technology”, “pearl millet”, or “domesticated cattle” as well as date range, and then view those sites on an interactive map. Each site-point on the map will be linked to a database entry that will include all pertinent information as well as photos, project websites, lists of relevant articles and more.

Through this initiative, The Sahel Underground aims to: a) build a tool that will provide a multi-scale, geographic view of sahelian archaeology; b) establish a central platform from which scholars can search and access large amounts of archaeological information; and, c) provide an avenue for researchers to quickly make their research available to others.

Due to the breadth of this project, as well as the on-going nature of research in the region, this process has taken years. Please bear with us while we iron out the final details before we open it up to the public.

If you want to be a part of this initiative, or have questions/comments, please find us on Facebook, Twitter, Email or head over to our Fieldnotes Forum page.

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